Damage Protection Plan

The Damage Protection plan is additional insurance for your digital products such as mobiles, laptops, smartwatches, and others. It is provided by a warranty administrator, dealer, or manufacturer to protect your digital products from any accidental or liquid damage.

Why is it required?

Customers buy the latest smart digital products to match the pace with the current trend and technology. The brands take responsibility for their digital products for the first year under their brand warranty which does not cover any kind of damages. A damage repair costs up to 70% of the product value which is very costly in the customer’s pocket. Such a product also gets depreciated value calculated at the time of settlement wherein customers end up getting minimal or no value for the product at all.

Hence WideCare provides a zero-depreciation damage protection plan in which at the time of damage customers do not have to bear the heavy cost of the repair and in case of a total loss of the device, they shall get complete value of the product even in the 10th month.

What is Damage Protection Plan ?

Damage with WideCare Damage Protection Plan

Need for Damage Protection Plan

It is not mandatory to purchase Damage Protection Plan; however, it will surely help you prevent financial loss in the event of accidental or liquid damage to your products. Let’s learn about the importance of Damage Protection and how it can help you handle various situations: –

1.Accidental and Liquid breakage coverage: – Getting a damage protection plan against screen breakage or liquid spill can reduce the costs of repairing any type of accidental damage. Considering that digital products are quite expensive today, obtaining this kind of protection will be a smart choice.

2.Reduce High repair costs: – Customer will get complete peace of mind as he does not have to bear any heavy costs to repair the device under the damage protection plan.

3.Repair and Replacement: – The damage Protection Plan ensures high-quality repairs of digital products.  The customer can claim repair/service facilities during the plan tenure. If the service/repairs fall within the service terms and conditions, the customer gets the repair done without spending an extra penny. If the products are irreparable, the customer is given the choice of likewise replacement or settlement.