amc/amc-for-air-conditionerCool air during summer is the ultimate
luxury. With a quality air conditioner, you can transform your house from a hot sauna into a cool
oasis.  A regular AC maintenance
is necessary to maintain cool air.

With WideCare Annual Maintenance Contract, you
need not worry about scheduling a service call but the same shall be done on an automated timely
basis for you by our team. Our technician shall call you to fix an appointment for the maintenance service at the time
of service falling due.

What will you gain by getting your AC AMC done on regular basis –

  • Low repair costMaintaining an AC unit will make it more efficient and reliable.  Scheduling annual maintenance for your ac can prevent small problems
    from turning into major issues. As a result, the timely service is justified by saving you the
    increased cost of giant repairs
  • Low energy costFirst and foremost! Keeping your AC running at its best is easy
    when you perform regular
    . Your energy bills will be reduced because of the increased energy efficiency
  • Extends the life of your Air Conditioning systemBy servicing your system, you will be able to keep it running
    longer. Regular maintenance
    reduces the probability of initial breakdowns that lead to more serious problems
  • A matter of convenienceAt the peak of summer, the demand for AC servicing goes high because
    of which many customers are not able to get the best technicians at their time of convenience.  With
    WideCare AMC, you will be getting an auto-scheduled service at your time of
    convenience by our trained technicians.