November 2021 – WideCare

What is Extended Warranty?

An Extended Warranty also known as a service contract is an additional year’s warranty given to the consumer on their products after the brand/manufacturer warranty expires. The warranty terms are similar to the brand warranty and cover electrical and mechanical malfunctions of the products. An extended warranty may be offered by the warranty administrator, dealer, or manufacturer Advantages of Extended [...]

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Warranty V/S Extended Warranty

  Have you ever wondered about the difference between a Brand Warranty and an Extended Warranty? Well, it's time you’ll know it now! Consumer buys Electronic Goods and Digital Products from a retail or an online shop. These products or device comes with a standard 1-year brand warranty from the date of purchase. Standard Warranty [...]

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What is Home Warranty?

Home Warranty is a yearly coverage given on old appliances that are up to 5 years old. The appliances will be mainly the ones that are in usage on a day-to-day basis and prone to breakdown with the passing time. These will be appliances such as Refrigerator, LED TV, Microwave oven, Laptop, Mobile phone, Washing [...]

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